Masonry, Chimney Repair in the Chicago land Area

Make sure your home is structurally sound and looking great with masonry and tuckpointing from Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL. We inspect your fireplace, chimney, crown and more to identify any cracks, holes, deterioration or other damage.
Valor Chimney Services Corporation does it all, from routine masonry repairs to complete reconstruction of your chimney. We have the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to rebuild and restore your masonry, brick and stonework back perfect condition.

Masonry Repair

Fireplaces require routine, regularly scheduled maintenance. Many areas such as smoke chambers, crowns, caps, brick and firebox brick need to be maintained and serviced to ensure the safety of your building and it's occupants. Valor Chimney Services Corporation inspects these key areas and delivers the masonry repairs required for proper maintenance. If there is extensive damage, full replacements for your chimney or brickwork are also available for your convenience.
Burning fire place with wood - Masonry Contractor in Elgin, IL

Masonry Restoration, Tuckpointing

We can completely restore your masonry work to the original look and feel of your chimney when it was first constructed. Got cracked, crumbling or missing bricks? Tuckpointing could be your solution. Defective mortar joints can be ground out and repointed with matching mortar to provide complete leak protection, while special mortar that matches your bricks can be used to fill in any gaps in the brickwork.
Tuckpointing - Masonry Contractor in Elgin, IL

Complete Chimney Rebuilds

If your brick is loose or missing major structural mortar joints, or there are cracks with deteriorating crowns, your chimney is susceptible to water leaks that can further damage your chimney and home, and make your fireplace unsafe to use. Protect your home, your roof, and investment with a chimney rebuilding service from Valor Chimney Services Corporation. Our professional team can reconstruct and restore your home with a brand new chimney.
Chimney Rebuild - Masonry Contractor in Elgin, IL
Experience what your neighbors are already enjoying! Join the many satisfied customers who elected to have their chimneys reconstructed by Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL. Call us today for a free estimate!