Chimney Cleaning, Repair, Inspection near Elgin and Schaumburg, IL

Keep your chimney in top condition with the fireplace and chimney experts at Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL. From masonry, chimney cleaning, repairs and more, we handle chimney jobs of any size.
Since 1997, we at Valor Chimney Services Corporation have provided comprehensive chimney care of homeowners throughout the Chicago area. Call us at 630-936-1418 today to schedule an appointment for your next fireplace or chimney service.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Your fireplaces should be kept and maintained to prevent house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other preventable emergencies. Comprehensive inspection services from Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL, can detect problems with your chimney that increase these risks. Let our experts inspect your chimney or fireplace and help keep you safe.

Complete Chimney Service

Need a chimney sweep, or notice damage to your brick or mortar? Call Valor Chimney Services Corporation today at 630-936-1418 to restore your chimney and fireplace.
Partial Level 2 Inspection to provide quote on-site for repairs needed. (FREE)
Standard Chimney/Fireplace Sweep & Inspection
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Furnace Flue Sweep/Inspection
Contemporary Gas Fireplace; Direct Vent/Vent-free Appliances - Service, Clean, Inspect