Complete Chimney Cleaning and Damper Repair in the Chicago land area

Your home will stay warm and your family safe with regular chimney cleaning, inspections, repair and maintenance from Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL. Our technicians thoroughly clean your chimney and fireplace, and provide a complimentary 14-point inspection to ensure it's fireworthy and properly functional.

Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping

Regular cleaning is important to avoid chimney fires and maintain structural integrity. Over time, tar and debris build up in your chimney, a byproduct of burning wood and other fuels. Some of the warning signs of a dirty chimney can be foul odor, excessive buildup of smoke, improper drafting, and even chimney fires. Don't put your family at risk! Call Valor Chimney Services Corporation for a complete chimney cleaning.
Our technicians work to clear your chimney of all dirt, buildup and debris. We use the latest equipment, ensuring dirt and debris from your chimney is properly disposed of and isn't circulated throughout the air in your home. While we work, we inspect your chimney and document any damage, defects or deficiencies so you can stay informed.

14-Point Inspection

From top to bottom, the technicians at Valor Chimney Services Corporation inspect every chimney they work on. This inspection is provided as a complimentary service with every chimney sweep. As we clean and improve your chimney, we examine the structural integrity of your chimney to keep you, your home and your family safe.
All components of the chimney interior are inspected, from top to bottom, and photographed. Valor Chimney Services Corporation takes that information, analyzes it, and comes up with a report, detailing any deficiencies or dangers found in your chimney. We then send you a certified inspection report with pictures, and can recommend solutions or fixes to problems within your chimney.
Get the best in Elgin, IL, to work for you. Call Valor Chimney Services Corporation at 630-936-1418 today and stay warm.