Chimney Inspection in the Chicago land Area

Keep your family safe and your home secure with annual chimney safety inspections from Valor Chimney Services Corporation in Elgin, IL. We'll inspect and photograph the entirety of your chimney, then provide you with a detailed report with the problems. Photographs are included so you know the full extent of your chimney's condition.
A dirty or damaged chimney can lead to a multitude of problems and dangers for you; catch these problems early with annual safety inspections at the start of every winter. Even if your chimney or fireplace was fine at the end of last winter, spring and summer bring drastically different weather and conditions that can damage and erode your chimney. Storms and strong winds can bring about sudden damage, while temperature changes can expand and contract the materials in your chimney, further wearing it down.
Catch problems early and get them fixed before they get worse with Valor Chimney Services Corporation!

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The number one cause of poisoning deaths in America are from carbon monoxide. Odorless, colorless and tasteless, carbon monoxide is released from burning wood and fuel in your fireplace. A dirty or obstructed chimney can trap carbon monoxide and prevent it from travelling up the chimney, or misdirect that carbon monoxide into your home.
Fortunately, carbon monoxide is one of the most preventable risks there is. Regular inspections can ensure your chimney is safe to operate, and repairs can be administered as needed.

Reduce the Risk of Fire

Over time or after heavy use, tar and debris build up in your chimney. This tar, or Creosote, is a byproduct of burning wood and other fuels. Creosote is flammable, and buildups of creosote make it more likely for your chimney to catch fire.
Even worse, if your chimney has physical damage in addition to a buildup debris, the fire can more easily spread throughout your home. Dirty chimneys are a leading cause of home heating fires; don't put yourself at risk! Let Valor Chimney Services Corporation inspect your chimney and keep you safe.

Reduce Repair Costs

Catching damage or defects early on makes them less expensive to repair. Once our technicians are able to assess the extent of any deficiencies, we can recommend corrective actions. By repairing and reinforcing your existing structure before further damage occurs, Valor Chimney Services Corporation is able to restore your masonry's structural integrity and save you money.
Schedule your inspection today to keep your Elgin, IL, home safe. Call Valor Chimney Services Corporation at 630-936-1418 today.